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“As the preferred creative partner for Citywing, The Thought Store is particularly proud to produce the Isle of Man’s dedicated inflight magazine, Connect.  Our objective is to produce a vibrant, relevant and engaging publication with expanded content to appeal to both the discerning business and leisure traveller.”

Concentrating on current and engaging bite sized articles with a restricted number of prime advertising opportunities for exclusive partner businesses, the magazine will grow conservatively to ensure that any advertising messages are clear and visible.

Benefits of inflight advertising

Your message engages a truly captive audience
Available to approximately 20,000 passengers on an average 1600 flights per publication.
Complementary online interactive edition with links directly to your online presence.
Promoted through the Online Community and Social Media Markets.

Inflight magazines hit a high percentage of passengers and there is little fluctuation in numbers. No magazine sector can claim this enviable position, offering such a dynamic readership that benefits their advertisers. On every day and in every seat that is occupied, you have the opportunity to reach and occupy the mind of a potential customer when all other distractions are switched off and stowed away. The only distraction and entertainment they have is the magazine.

This blend of consumer reach provides a unique opportunity to promote your business to a captive and relative audience. Advertisers now receive exceptional value.  In addition to being available to all Citywing passengers, an interactive online version is produced at no extra cost with hyperlinks directly to your website or Social Media platform.  This can add significant readership making it a very attractive and cost effective way of targeting not only the captive audience inflight, but also raising your brand and product awareness through the dominant reach of the active Online Community and Social Media Markets.

We offer highly competitive rates with attractive packages available for multiple adverts and issues, brand partnership and advertorials. To discuss further please contact us:

+44 7624 461107

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